About Us

We are Observers

The Mission We Stand For

At Observer, we are dedicated to empowering digital professionals with state-of-the-art, real-time monitoring and optimization tools. Our mission is to ensure uninterrupted online performance, providing instant alerts and deep performance insights. We aim to save technical teams valuable time, allowing them to focus on what truly matters for their digital growth.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Web

Observer aspires to be a global leader in website performance management. Merging technical prowess with an acute understanding of digital marketing challenges, we are set to be the first choice for marketers, developers, and website owners across the globe. We envision a digital landscape where seamless website performance is a standard, not an exception.

Driven By Passion

We stand committed to supporting the backbone of the digital economy - the digital professionals responsible for websites. Understanding the intricacies of website management, design, and growth, both from a technical and creative standpoint, Observer is dedicated to creating solutions that address current challenges and anticipate future needs, ensuring digital professionals are always informed and online.

Meet the Team Behind Observer

We are the innovators, the creatives, the thinkers, and the builders shaping the contours of the digital era. Our collaboration is not just about combining skills; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of ideas and talents to revolutionize the digital landscape.

Image of Şamil Hazır

Şamil Hazır

Brings over 15 years of development experience to the table, leading the technical vision of Observer.

Image of Şener Soysal

Şener Soysal

With more than a decade of design experience, he shapes the aesthetic and user experience of our tools.

Image of Sercan Bayrambey

Sercan Bayrambey

With 4 years of focused website development experience, he is adept in modern web technologies and trends, pushing Observer towards cutting-edge solutions.

Image of Rana Akkurt

Rana Akkurt

Experienced in international growth and marketing, she brings a wealth of knowledge from SAAS, consulting, and technology companies, guiding our strategic direction.

Our Core Values

Light ıcon

Future Crafters

Leading with innovation, shaping the future of digital technology.

People ıcon

Trust Builders

Upholding unwavering reliability and trust in every action.

Link ıcon

Tech-Human Connectors

Bridging advanced technology with user needs through empathy and understanding.

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Growth Partners

Fostering collaborative success with partners and customers for mutual growth.