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Below you can find frequently asked questions about Observer and our frequently answered answers.

What is Observer and how does it work?

Observer is a comprehensive SaaS web application designed to monitor, analyze, and optimize websites in real-time. It provides tools for tracking uptime, performance, domain and DNS changes, and offers real user data insights, among other features. Observer works by continuously scanning the registered websites using a series of automated tests that assess various aspects such as page speed, availability, and functional errors. It then collects data and presents it on an intuitive dashboard, allowing users to see quick insights and receive alerts about any issues or improvements needed.

How do I set up Observer to monitor my website?

Setting up Observer to monitor your website is incredibly simple and requires no technical knowledge or the need to add any code to your website. Here’s how to do it:

  • Register for an Observer account by providing your email and creating a password.
  • Enter your website address into the designated field on the Observer dashboard.
  • Start monitoring as Observer begins to analyze and track your website’s performance immediately.

That’s it! Just by entering your website address, you can activate continuous monitoring and start receiving insights and alerts about your site’s health and performance.

What types of notifications will I receive from Observer?

Observer can send various types of notifications to help you stay informed about your website’s status:

  • Uptime Alerts: Notify you when your website goes down or is unreachable.
  • Performance Alerts: Inform you of any significant changes or degradations in site speed and responsiveness.
  • Domain and DNS Change Alerts: Alert you to any modifications in your domain settings or DNS records.
  • Security Alerts: Warn you of potential security issues detected by the monitoring system.
  • Custom Alerts: Can be set up to notify you based on specific criteria you define within the dashboard.

Notifications can be received via email, SMS, or directly through integrations with other platforms like Slack and AWS, ensuring you are always aware of your website’s performance and security status.

What is the differences between pro and the free verions?

The free version of Observer includes basic monitoring features that allow you to keep tabs on your website's uptime and performance. However, the Pro version extends beyond basic monitoring to encompass all features, including detailed reporting and archiving functions. This makes the Pro version particularly valuable for those who require comprehensive insights and historical data analysis of their website's performance over time.

Can Observer monitor multiple websites under a single account?

Yes, Observer allows you to monitor multiple websites under a single account. This feature is especially useful for users managing multiple domains, as each website can be added and monitored independently. Note that while the Pro subscription offers enhanced monitoring capabilities, it is charged per site rather than per account.

What should I do if I notice a drop in performance as indicated by Observer?

If you notice a drop in performance as indicated by Observer, the first step is to analyze the detailed reports provided to identify any specific issues or trends. Check the resource usage, server response times, and any reported errors that could be impacting performance. Based on this analysis, you might need to optimize your website's content, adjust server settings, or upgrade hosting solutions. Additionally, considering reaching out to technical support for more targeted troubleshooting can be beneficial.

How do I upgrade my existing plan?

To upgrade your existing plan on Observer, simply navigate to your Observer dashboard. On the right column, you'll find details about your current plan along with an 'Upgrade' option. Clicking this will guide you through the steps to select and switch to a higher plan that offers more features and capabilities.

How secure is Observer, and what data privacy measures are in place?

Observer prioritizes security and the privacy of your data. While the platform mainly utilizes publicly available data for monitoring, it employs advanced encryption for any sensitive information generated or processed through its features. We adhere to stringent security practices and use cutting-edge technology to ensure your data is secure. Additionally, we guarantee that no information is shared with other companies, maintaining strict confidentiality and privacy.

Who can I contact if I need personalized support?

For personalized support, you can contact us directly at [email protected]. Our team is ready to assist you with any specific questions or issues you might encounter while using Observer.

How often are new features added to Observer?

New features are regularly added to Observer, with updates typically occurring monthly. These updates can range from minor improvements to major new functionalities, all aimed at enhancing the platform's effectiveness and user experience.

Where can I provide feedback or suggest new features for Observer?

We highly value user feedback as it plays a crucial role in the development of Observer. If you have any suggestions for new features or feedback about your experience, please write to us at [email protected]. Your input is instrumental in shaping future updates and ensuring that Observer meets the evolving needs of its users.

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