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SEO myths

10 SEO Secrets They Won’t Tell You (But You Should Know)

Discover the hidden truths behind SEO that can transform your website’s performance.

Web Hostings

What is Web Hosting and How to Choose the Right One for your Website.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of web hosting. Understanding your options and knowing how to choose the right type of hosting for your website are crucial steps in managing a successful online presence.

Observer Dashboard

Exploring the Observer Dashboard: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the comprehensive features of the Observer Dashboard in our latest blog post. Learn how to monitor your website’s uptime, performance, domain details, and much more to enhance site efficiency and user experience. Sign up for Observer today to start optimizing your online presence.

Quick Wins for Website Performance: Top 5 Changes You Can Make Today

In this post, we offer some quick suggestions for immediate, easy-to-implement configurations that can significantly boost your website’s performance. These changes are primarily configuration tweaks, easy to apply, and can substantially enhance your site’s loading speed and overall performance.

Browser Console

Mastering the Browser Console: Essential Tips for Monitoring Website Health and Performance

Unlock the full potential of your web browser’s console with our in-depth guide. Learn how to access, interpret, and utilize this powerful tool to enhance your website’s health and performance.

Effective Resource Handling for Faster Web Performance

This blog post delves into best practices for resource management, from using CDNs to minimize latency to leveraging advanced loading techniques.

Chrome UX Report

From Lab to Life: Observer’s New Real User Experience Report with Chrome User Experience Data

CrUX collects a rich set of dimensions and metrics, offering website owners a window into how real users interact with their sites. By integrating CrUX into Observer, we now provide you with insights that go beyond conventional metrics, focusing on real-world usability and accessibility.

The Unsung Heroes of the Internet: Understanding and Securing Domains

Domains might not get much attention when managing a website, mainly because they do their job so well. But if we ignore them, the consequences can be significant. In this post, let’s shine a spotlight on domains, understanding their crucial role and how to keep them secure.

Who’s to Blame for Your Website’s Poor Performance?

Is my website’s performance up to par, and if not, who’s responsible? Let’s delve into how we can systematically answer this question in this post.

How Observer Works: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Today, we’re diving deep into the heart of Observer. What happens under the hood when you add your website to Observer, or how it impacts your site,

Heading Hierarchy – How Should Headings Be Structured for a Healthy Website?

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) nowadays, one of the first things that comes to mind is quality content. However, if we do not present this content on our website with proper markup, we risk diminishing the quality of our content. One of the key aspects in this regard is appropriately titling our content. Let’s delve into the details.

How to Optimize Images on Your Website for SEO and Performance?

In this article, we will explore the impact of images on our website’s performance and strategies for optimizing them for SEO. Let’s delve into the details.

What is Interaction To Next Paint (INP)? How is it Measured?

Google recently introduced a new ‘Core Web Vitals’ metric, Interaction To Next Paint (INP). Let’s explore this new metric together.

What Are OG (Open Graph) Tags? Why Should They Be Present on Our Website?

In this article, we delve into the critical importance of OG (Open Graph) tags for the visibility of our website on social media. We discuss what OG tags are, how to use them, and the impact they have on our website’s visibility. Let’s dive into the details.

Understanding and Managing Bots on Your Website

Have you ever considered the traffic on your website that isn’t human? Every day, hundreds of robots visit and navigate through your website. Let’s delve into the details.

What is Uptime and Why is Uptime Monitoring Important?

What exactly is uptime, why does it matter, what constitutes a good uptime percentage, and is 100% uptime achievable? We’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about uptime rates for you.

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